#12 - Jason Resnick - How to Network and Stand Out by Serving

Jason talks about his approach to networking and why it's crucial to serve without expecting anything in return. He goes into detail about how he was able to build authority in his niche on social media by being the guy with answers and offering them up, right when people would ask. Jason provides a bunch of tips on how developers can build and scale their own businesses, regardless of whether they are service-based, product-based, or a mix of both.
Jason's Bio

Jason Resnick helps freelancers discover their niche, plan out and market themselves to build recurring revenue, and stay in the feast. So that they can live the life that they want and ultimately reach the goals of why they started their own business in the first place.

He has run his own web development business since 2010 helping established online businesses, increase sales through optimization, conversion, and behavioral strategy. He does this through on-site personalization, email, and marketing campaigns to learn more about the potential and existing customers to decrease the time to first purchase and increase repeat purchases.

He's an avid baseball fan of the NY Mets, loves to travel and spend tons of time with his family.

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