#13 - Sean Grove - What It's Like to Go Through Y Combinator, Twice

Sean talks about his experience going through Y Combinator, one of the best known early-stage startup accelerators in the world. He gives us the inside scoop about all aspects of the program, including the application process, how to gain leverage from beginning to end, and the high-pressure "demo day" which culminates the program. Sean shares what went right and what went wrong when he went through with his first company, Bushido, and also what he changed going through it a second time with his current company, OneGraph.
Sean is a software engineer turned startup founder who has gone through Y-Combinator twice - first in the summer of 2011 with a company called Bushido, and more recently in Summer of 2018 with a company called OneGraph.

In the gap, he ran engineering for a payments company, gave dozens of conference talks, contributed to several open-source projects, tinkered with NES emulators, and started meetup groups in San Francisco for ClojureScript, ReasonML, and GraphQL.

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