#15 - Joel Hooks - The Benefits of Building a Calm Company

Joel takes us through his experience building egghead.io, one the world's best-known resources for high-quality programming tutorials. Egghead has a unique approach to business and Joel talks about why they generally don't pay attention to the competition, why they don't have deadlines, and why it's important that egghead stays a tight-knit family business. Joel gives a ton of recommendations for books, courses, and other learning resources that have been crucial for his success.
Joel is a software developer living outside Portland, OR who is passionate about home educating his 5 kids. Joel helps run egghead.io, the internet’s best resource for teaching developers modern programming. When not running egghead or hanging out with his family, Joel likes to read, cook, and spend time with his local community of friends.

Joel's Links

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Joel's Twitter
Understanding by Design
Company of One by Paul Jarvis
StripePress Books
The Personal MBA
Stacking the Bricks
Authority by Nathan Barry
An Elegant Puzzle

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