#16 - Daniel Vassallo - Why I Left a $500k/year Job at AWS to Work For Myself

Daniel talks about what went into his decision to quit his very well-paid position as an engineer at AWS to be independent. He walks us through his journey getting one promotion after another at Amazon, only to realize that the high salary wasn't worth it. Daniel is currently building a product called Userbase (formerly called Encrypted.dev), a tool for creating secure and GDPR-compliant web apps. He talks about how he landed on Userbase as a product idea and what it has been like thus far building it out.
Daniel is a software engineer and entrepreneur who recently took the plunge to go independent. Before that, he was with Amazon for 8 years where he worked on building tools for developers and was handsomely rewarded, getting up to a half million dollar per year salary prior to leaving.

Daniel lives with his family in Seattle where he is now focusing on his startup, Encrypted.dev, a platform allowing developers to build applications with end-to-end user encryption.

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