#2 - Brad Hussey - How to Get Freelancing Freedom

Brad Hussey talks about his journey going from dead-end job to getting freedom over his income and time by getting into web development. He talks about how he creates and sells courses for developers and also how he has found freedom in freelancing as a coder.
A web developer by trade, Brad is an entrepreneur and educator who lives in Southern Alberta with his wife and two children. He teaches people how to get their start in the world of web design, and has helped hundreds of thousands of students learn how to design and code beautiful websites.

Brad's mission is to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to start a business they are passionate about; one that achieves freedom and abundance for themselves and their families, and he does this through his training programs at FreelancingFreedom.com.

A multi-talented and unusual man, when not building businesses, you’ll find him playing with his kids, getting dirty in the woodshop, writing music with his wife, or even tap dancing.

Brad's Sites

Freelancing Freedom

Software Brad Uses

ConvertKit (Email Marketing)
Teachable (Course Creation Platform)
Thinkific (Course Creation Platform)

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