#20 - Michaela Greiler - How to Pick Which Business Idea to Focus On

Dr. Michaela talks about her journey leaving her dream job at Microsoft to focus on being her own boss. She takes us through how she developed and launched a successful online marketplace but ultimately stopped working on it because it wasn't where her passion was. She then talks about how she found a business idea she really wanted to focus on through being playful. Michaela also discusses how you can find freedom but focusing on running a lean business and lifestyle.
Dr. Michaela Greiler helps software teams build high-quality software in an efficient and effective way. Her mission is to lead teams to unlock their full potential in company workshops and during team coaching sessions. She specializes in teaching effective code review techniques.

Michaela's Links

Podcast: Software Engineering Unlocked
Michaela on Twitter

Michaela's Book Recommendations

The Lean Startup
Running Lean

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