#21 - Preethi Kasireddy - The Tradeoffs Between Entrepreneurship and Employment

Preethi talks about her journey going from working for top companies like Goldman Sachs and Andreessen Horowitz to founding her own startup called TruStory. She goes into detail about the tradeoffs between working as a full-time employee and being a startup founder. Preethi also talks about her experience going through an acquisition with TruStory and some of the highs and lows involved in the process.
Preethi is engineer, author, and blogger who writes on a wide range of topics at her site, preethikasireddy.com. She’s the author of “Fundamentals of Functional Programming” which focuses on teaching functional programming from a beginner’s mindset. Preethi is an avid traveler and you can find her on Instagram at preethikasireddy where you can follow along.

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