#23 - Eve Porcello & Alex Banks - How to Build a Business as a Workshop Instructor

Eve and Alex talk about their experience building a business around teaching workshops. They go into detail about how they got started offering workshops, how they think about what to offer and how to price it, and how they have been able to teach developers at some of the largest companies in the tech world. They also talk about their experience publishing books and speaking at conferences and how these have bolstered their workshop business.
Eve and Alex operate Moon Highway where they teach cutting edge JavaScript to developers of all skill levels. They are the authors of Learning GraphQL and Learning React for O’Reilly and they have a workshop offering focused on full stack GraphQL. When not coding, they enjoy their time in beautiful Lake Tahoe.

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Moon Highway
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Alex's Egghead Lessons
GraphQL is for Everyone

Eve and Alex's Books
Learning GraphQL
Learning React

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