#26 - Marc-André Giroux - The Road to a $70,000 E-Book Launch

Marc talks about the recent launch of his first e-book, Production Ready GraphQL, and how it netted him over $70k during the launch. He talks about the fears he had going into launch day, the challenges he faced during the writing process, and how he was able to overcome impostor syndrome to make the launch happen. Marc also goes into detail about the tools he used to sell his book, his writing process, how he built an audience over time.
Marc is a GraphQL expert who currently works as a platform interface engineer at Github where he builds GraphQL APIs. He previously did the same at Shopify and the experience from both of these roles has led him to write his new book, “Production Ready GraphQL”. Marc is also a frequent conference speaker and travels the world to share his knowledge and experience on how to do GraphQL the right way.

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