#31 - Zeno Rocha - Monetizing an Open Source Project

Zeno talks about his journey building and selling Dracula Pro, a color scheme and UI theme tailored for programming. He goes into detail about his launch, overcoming doubt leading up to it, and how he marketed the product to make it a success. Zeno talks about his mindset shift going from an open-source developer who was against monetization to now embracing offering a paid product to his audience.
Zeno Rocha is the Chief Product Officer at Liferay Cloud, a newly created Liferay, Inc division.

His lifelong appreciation for building software and sharing knowledge led him to speak in over 110 conferences all over the world. He’s now focused on bringing the cloud revolution to the enterprise market while also building and selling digital products on the side.

When he's not working, Zeno likes running, watching movies, and eating cheese. For this last one he even created an app for it.

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