#32 - Randall Kanna - How To Rapidly Build a Twitter Audience

Randall chats about her experience rapidly building a Twitter audience and how it has helped her with new opportunities including job offers, book deals, and overall credibility. She goes into detail about the tactical steps she took to craft valuable Tweets that have received huge engagement. Randall also talks about her books, including one that was published with O'Reilly and her new book that will be self-published on Gumroad. She goes into detail about the tradeoffs between publishing with an established publisher like O'Reilly versus self-publishing.
Randall is a senior software engineer and published O’Reilly author and has worked at companies such as Eventbrite and Pandora in the past. She’s currently finishing up her second book, a guide on helping developers land jobs.

Randall's Links

The Standout Developer
Randall on Twitter
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Smart Contract Development

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