#33 - Scott Mathson - Bootstrapping a Profitable Side Project

Scott Mathson talks about his journey bootstrapping Plink, a SaaS product that creates smart podcast links. He goes into detail about how he came up with the product idea, how he thought about what features it should have, what the pricing structure should look like, and how it should be marketed.
Scott is the Senior Web Strategy Manager at Netlify and the bootstrapped founder of Plink. Plink makes smart podcast links that podcasters love and listeners deserve. Scott has been working remotely full-time in software and tech for over a decade, previously with Auth0 and onXmaps.

With a background in woodworking, audio production, songwriting, and far beyond, Scott's always creating and has been developing side projects, doing agency and consulting work, and much more throughout his career. He happily calls western Montana home with his wife, and they enjoy exploring/traveling around the Pacific Northwest and plan to eventually move to the Seattle area.

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