#39 - Shawn Wang (swyx) - How to Launch Your Product and Sustain Revenue

Shawn Wang (aka swyx) chats about his experience writing and publishing his book, The Coding Career Handbook. He goes into detail about the challenges he encountered, how he learned from other people's launches, and how he was able to successfully launch the book and make it into something that provides meaningful revenue. He also talks about how to sustain revenue for your product after you launch.
Shawn Wang (aka swyx) is an Infinite Builder passionate about Developer Tooling and Developer Communities. He currently works as a Senior Developer Advocate for AWS Amplify and recently published the Coding Career Handbook for Junior to Senior developer careers. In his free time he teaches React, TypeScript, Storybook and Node.js CLI's at Egghead.io, and helps run the Svelte Society community of meetups.

Shawn's Links
Coding Career Handbook
Launch Cheatsheet
Shawn's Website
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