#43 - Arvid Kahl - How to Build and Sell a SaaS Company

Arvid talks about his experience building and selling FeedbackPanda, a SaaS product that helps English teachers save time and earn more money. He goes into detail about how he and his partner came up with the idea for the product, how they validated it, and how they brought it up to $55k/month before selling it. Arvid also talks about his book "Zero to Sold", a guide which helps bootstrapped founders find and validate their SaaS ideas, grow their business, and eventually sell. He goes into a lot of detail about why the preparation phase is so important and how you can validate your ideas before proceeding.
Arvid is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and writer. He co-founded and bootstrapped FeedbackPanda, an online teacher productivity SaaS company with his partner Danielle Simpson. They sold the business for a life-changing amount of money in 2019, two years after founding the company.

He writes on TheBootstrappedFounder.com to share his experience with bootstrapping as a desirable, value- and wealth-generating way of running a company.

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