#45 - Gonto - Billion Dollar Marketing Practices

Gonto talks about his journey leading marketing at Auth0 up until its acquisition to Okta for $6.5b. He's now the co-founder of a sweat-equity advisory, Hypergrowth Partners. Gonto talks about how bootstrappers and indie devs can apply the marketing practices of large companies, where to focus sales and marketing effort, and how to increase your chances of being more successful in your company.
Gonto is a software engineer turned marketer who is a strong proponent of the “engineering approach to marketing”. He spent seven years at Auth0 where he led marketing and helped grow the company to 9 figures before it’s sale to Okta for $6.5b. Gonto is now running his own company as co-founder of Hypergrowth Partners, a sweat equity advisor that invests time and knowledge into startups to help them achieve Hypergrowth.

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