#8 - Chris Sevilleja - How to Build Traffic and Generate Revenue for Your Blog

Chris talks about his journey building Scotch.io, one of the most popular developer content sites on the internet. He goes into detail about how to generate traffic, how to optimize SEO, and what the upsides and downsides of working with a very large pool of guest authors. He also discusses some of his strategies for generating revenue from Scotch.io and offers some advice for those looking to do the same with their own blog. If you are interested in how to create content for developers that they will love and (how to monetize it), this episode will provide a ton of value to you.
Chris is a full stack developer from Las Vegas, NV and is the founder of the popular web development tutorial site Scotch.io. He is a Google Developer Expert in web technologies and is a frequent live-coder on Twitch. When not coding he can be found rolling up the Vegas strip in his Model 3 or squatting, bench-pressing, or deadlifting major weight.

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