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#8 - Chris Sevilleja - How to Build Traffic and Generate Revenue for Your Blog

Chris talks about his journey building Scotch.io, one of the most popular developer content sites on the internet. He goes into detail about how to generate traffic, how to optimize SEO, and what the upsides and downsides of working with a very large pool of guest authors. He also discusses some of his strategies for generating revenue from Scotch.io and offers some advice for those looking to do the same with their own blog. If you are interested in how to create content for developers that they will love and (how to monetize it), this episode will provide a ton of value to you.

#7 - Justin Jackson - The Ups and Downs of Building a SaaS

Justin talks about his journey creating Transistor.fm, a podcast hosting and analytics platform (and the platform used by this podcast). He goes into detail on some of the more challenging and stressful aspects of building a SaaS company, including cashflow, handling outages, customer retention, and more. Justin also talks about what it's all about to be a maker and why it's a rewarding pursuit for anyone.

#6 - Eric Elliott - Effective and Impactful Content Marketing

Eric talks about his career as a software developer and how he transitioned away from full-time work to working for himself. He discusses his approach to content marketing and why one of the best ways to market yourself as a developer is to teach. Eric gives his thoughts on why Medium is a powerful and effective way to distribute content and why it might be a good choice for developers who want to reach a broader audience.

#5 - Jesse Sanders - Building and Scaling a Consultancy

Jesse talks about his journey starting and scaling his consultancy, BrieBug Software. He covers why it's valuable to focus on specific technologies and goes into detail about his approach for attracting and retaining enterprise clients. Jesse also shares insights on what it's like to be the CEO of a large consulting firm, including lessons he has learned along the way.

#4 - Jeff Whelpley - How to Experiment with Startups

Jeff talks about his approach to experimenting with new startups within his existing company, GetHuman. Jeff's experimentation method means he and his team can move quickly to validate new ideas without betting the farm. In this episode, Jeff describes the framework that his team uses to determine whether a new idea is worthy of pursuit and how they go about testing their assumptions for new products.

#3 - Tracy Lee - From Startup Exit to Building a Top-Tier Consultancy

Tracy Lee talks about her entrepreneurial pursuits in the tech industry starting with Dishcrawl, a startup she founded and later sold. Her newest venture is a top-tier consultancy called This Dot Labs which specializes in building front end applications for businesses. In this episode, Tracy also talks about how This Dot is focused on hiring women and how she is working to get more women into the tech industry.

#2 - Brad Hussey - How to Get Freelancing Freedom

Brad Hussey talks about his journey going from dead-end job to getting freedom over his income and time by getting into web development. He talks about how he creates and sells courses for developers and also how he has found freedom in freelancing as a coder.

#1 - Adam Wathan - Creating and Launching Courses for Developers

Adam Wathan talks about his journey as a self-published course author. He goes into detail about the process he follows for creating new courses, including how to pick a topic and make consistent progress towards the finish line. He also shares the numbers from some of his latest products, including Refactoring UI.

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